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What are they: well the official definition is that the coin is a peer-to-peer payment system actually it's a digital currency it's used with open source software which means that nobody has a copyright on it and it was done by a pseudo-anonymous developer whose name was set Tashi Komodo we don't know his real name or program so that clients is actually a crypto currency is called that because he uses cryptology to control the creation and transfer of money big coin when capitalized refers to the technology and the big coin network but if you see a b coin that returned refers to the currency itself now where did the claims come from the peer magically out which sounds like they're mining gold and in fact they made me in this case the participants verify and record payments in the coin exchange for transaction fees and or newly minted nickel's David Bill Clinton be sent and received using quote unquote while a Software you can do it on a personal computer weblog location mobile device so that coins can be obtained by mining the coins or if you sell something and people want to pay even the coins and you decide to accept of the air know they do not bid clients RSG created through

What was I going to say

But coins have been in the news of late because there is a lot of illegal activity associated with that coins not in terms of fraud but because that coins are virtually untraceable criminals have used them to buy and sell drugs create assassination hits on innocent or not so innocent people and it's been a great way to integrate way to launder money now it is possible that Ms. coins can be stolen it's possible that they may be subject to fraud and the coins had been outlawed in several countries in China now bit Corning's overall,

The actual commercial use of bit Corning's illegal or legal is very small compared to the size of the economy that uses real money although some critics would say that real money is no more real than the coin it is however being purchased and used to a large degree by speculators who seek bit Corning's as the next gold rush if bit coins becomes commonplace in mainstream those who purchased them at today's rates will in fact or may in fact get very rich just recently the site five agreed to accept the Corning's

Most people who accept but coins except that the coins and then immediately exchange them for real money so their potential for loss is almost 0. It is currently used by fiver overstock several other companies who are now accepting the coin

Most people believe that there will be a digital currency in the future. New sentence that may be because it's it may be a slight Corning's and maybe some type of coin out there that we don't know what. And save document

Now let's talk about software. Bit cloying while its software which is also referred to as a big coin clients lets a big coin user transact in bit coins basically a big coin while at program generates and stores private key which are close and also communicates with the coin appears on the big coin network.

There are several server software versions of the big coin protocol these validate transactions and record bocks they receive in that related to connected peers.

The basics of a big coin wallet is that it uses public key cryptography in public-key cryptography pairs of cryptographic keys one public and one private are generated.

A collection of keys is called a while.

Now this gets tricky. A big coin transaction transfers ownership of the big coins to a new address which is an alphanumeric string of random letters and numbers derived from public keys by using a hash function and an encoding scheme key that in mind an encoding scheme the corresponding private keys act as a safeguard soy ballot payment message from address must contain the associated public key and a digital signature proving possession of the associated private key the essence of big coin security is protection by private

Now that the big coin has occurred more than once. The practical day-to-day security of the Cornwallis is a concern there is a risk of theft this can be reduced by generating keys off-line on a computer that is as safe as possible and then say those keys on external storage or print them out some vendors produce physical bit Corning's these are sort of collectibles that can be stored and can store a private key on.

Some vendors are producing physical big point these can be stored on a bit coins. Physical but coins story private key on paper medical metal would or plastic so there are actually images of physical record there also some specialized unique digital products to Ms. hardware while it's designed to store bit Corning's securely on a physical device

A key feature of big coin is a public database and records of all transactions these are known as block chains the record current big coin ownership as well as all prior ownership points in the past the lock chain prevents the problem ticket to digital money which is called double spending

Mining is critical

Minors are the ones who maintain the block chain by running coin clients software. For doing this they are receive newly created the coins as well as transaction fee the work done by the minors involves verifying each transaction and adding it's the block chain

Note that big coin payment processing fees are optional and are substantially lower than those of credit card or money transfers

The work of payment processing is rewarded with newly created the coins 25 per block all the minor has to do claim the award is included in the blocky special transaction called client base that assigns toward the coins to address the minors choose

Virtually every big coin in circulation can be traced back these types of coin-based transaction

The block reward will be have 12.5 big coins in 2017 and again every four years thereafter more or less by 2140 there will be about 21 million bit coins in existence. Transaction processing will be solely incentivized by transaction fees because there will be no more bit coins created in mind to be rewarded

If you are thinking of mining because best way to do it is to use application specific integrated circuits these are custom designed integrated circuits and they allow for faster mining lower power consumption and work better than general-purpose microprocessors

Coins can be bought and sold generally for. Cash. You can buy good coins using online exchanges. Or you can buy them at the coin ATM.

Using an online exchange to buy bit coins can be risky. These exchanges to fail and when they do clients lose the ".

Keep in mind that big coin transactions are not reversible.

The block chain does provide a significant level of anonymity. It identifies the receivers of the coins by their big white addresses not the names. Track the flow big coins and you can determine who owns the lot, while big coin does use cryptography it does not do so to protect the identities of its users in addition the court exchanges which are intermediaries are required by law in some jurisdictions to collect personal customer data

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