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About Us 

The MoneySlant Website is published by a group of long-term professionals from both the credit union and banking industry. We teach financial literacy classes at high schools and seminars throughout the country.

We created this website because, through our experience in financing, we have come across countless individuals who are being damaged unnecessarily by their lack of understanding of the basics of money management. While other websites offer more in-depth information about money, we found most of it is beyond the grasp of the average person and not really necessary for their day-to-day financial transactions.  

We believe the best approach is to provide the most relevant information of the basic financial products and services in the simplest terms. This will clear up the most common misunderstandings and help avoid the bad habits that result in ruined credit and wasted money, particularly for those who can least afford it.  This is most beneficial for high school students and new citizens, or anyone just learning how to navigate the complicated world of finances.

While we try to keep the website up to date, if you notice any inaccurate information, have any questions, or would like to request a speaker, please contact

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